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See What I Mean?




While most of us are at least familiar with the Beatitudes, few of us have reflected as deeply on their life-changing, world-transforming potential as Dave Andrews has. Hailed by some as a modern-day prophet, Andrews has been on the cutting-edge of incarnating the message of Jesus for many years and in many different places around the globe. These are his stories.

Andrews takes Jesus' call to be part of his 'Be-Attitude Revolution' seriously and shows us how he is beginning to see the change he wants to be unfold in his life. In each chapter of See What I Mean? Andrews tells a story of how he tries to flesh out one of the eight Be-Attitudes advocated in the Beatitudes.

The real life stories Dave tells in these pages will inspire you to be the change you want to see – in your family, your community and your world.


'In these stories a touch of heaven comes to earth! Dave shares with wisdom, humour and disarming frankness. We experience his fear, doubts and struggles. We share in the simple joy of seeing those he meets discover life through Christ.'

Matthew Frost, Chief Executive, Tearfund UK

'Dave Andrews has long excited our admiration for his work with marginalized people. In his book Dave shows his wisdom, his humour, his passion, and his faith in his fellow human beings. Dave makes us ask ourselves if we can 'Build A Better World?' - if there were more people like Dave to inspire us, we would be able to reply with a resounding, "Yes!".'

Charles Elliott, Comfortable Compassion?