To Right Every Wrong

Martin Wroe - Greenbelt

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Three Friends, Three Faiths, One Heart
In this presentation I shared the story of three people known as C.F. Andrews, Mahatma Gandhi and Badshah Khan. Charlie was a Christian from England, Mohan was a Hindu from Gujarat and Abdul was a Muslim from the Peshawar Valley and they became soul mates – three friends from three faiths with one heart – in their spirited struggle for freedom and transformation on the Indian subcontinent. These three people as persons, and even more so as companions, have profoundly shaped my understanding of faith-based and interfaith-shaped inspirational engagement with a world of oppression, violence and poverty
Theology on Tap with Dave Andrews - Sept 11, 2020
If This Were My Last Message …
Mt Hawthorn Community Church - Sep 15 2020
Community Work - a YMIS training resource from SU Queensland featuring Dave Andrews' (low resolution mp4 - 37MB high resolution mp4 - 195MB)
Watch Dave Andrews talk about 'The Beatitudes As The Blessed Revolution' on recorded at Greenbelt.
Compassionate Community Work (Four Lectures)