To Right Every Wrong

Martin Wroe - Greenbelt

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Not Religion but Love...

'Very practical, compassionate, and empowering.'

Trevor Jordan Dayspring.

'(This book) has a profound down-to-earthiness. Its not about dropping out of society, as it is dropping into society. It opens the door to effective human care by the ordin-ary person with ordinary skills, and a caring heart.  The commitment to real care (it communicates) is extremely powerful.’

Trevor Roper The Daily Sun

'There is a genius to this book in the way it has been written. If you are looking for quotes, the powerful punchlines come thick and fast. At the end of each chapter is a section for ideas, meditation, discussion and action, which makes it a great tool for... living prophetically as people of hope. It is not a book that compounds guilt, but it cleverly takes us to the point of no return where action must follow obedience into ministry to a hurting society.’

John Uren Target

'A good many are commited to social involvement- at least in theory. But when it comes to getting down to practicalities too many are unsure where to begin.

Here is a handbook which will help in the task of being what Charles Colson called “little platoons of society”. Even though this book comes out of the Australian situation ther are many models for action that are replicable in the British context.'

John Martin Church Of England Newspaper

'Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Cost of Discipleship provides a powerful challenge to follow Christ in our world. Dave Andrews' Not Religion But Love shows us how we can follow Christ in ways that serve the community.'

Charles Ringma, Professor, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada.

'Not a book comfortable Christians will enjoy, but one they should read!'

David Penman, late Archbishop of Melbourne.

This is one of the most easy to read, yet hard to read books that I have picked up in the last few months. It is easy to read because it is simply written in a very easygoing style. It’s full of anecdotes, biblical examples and real life experiences. It is very hard to read because it challenges (our) values, (and) asks us to demonstrate Christlike commitment to those in society that are hurting that (is) personally costly.'

Peter Kaldor On Being