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Community Work - a YMIS training resource from SU Queensland featuring Dave Andrews' (low resolution mp4 - 37MB high resolution mp4 - 195MB)
The Waiters Union - An Interview At Greenbelt' (mp4 - 28MB view at A Pinch of Salt Blog)
Dave Andrews' Ramadan Diary
Interview on "The Spirit of Things"  (transcript) (mp3 - 25MB
ABC Radio National - 2 Sep 2012
The Waiters Union - from the series 'Monks, Nuns And Waiters'
Interview on "The Spirit of Things"  (transcript) (mp3 - 23MB
ABC Radio National - 25 Sep 2005
An Interview with Dave Andrews (mp3)
National Radio – Radio New Zealand - 12 Nov 1999
A Conversation With Dave Andrews  (mp3 - 12MB)
The Conversation Hour - 612 ABC Radio - 04 Aug 2004
The Prophet's Mantle (mp3 - 11MB)
Encounter ABC Radio National - 15/18 Feb 2004
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