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"I like to think of Dave Andrews as a... weirdy, beardy, proverbially wise-old, kind-old, be-slippered, fire-sided, snoozy, fearless, story-telling, grand-fatherly, rugged, tribal-leader.'  

Martin Wroe - Greenbelt




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Compassionate Community Work DVD



Compassionate Community Work DVD

A professionally produced DVD which features four seminars based on the ideas in Compassionate Community Work .

1. The Characteristics Of Christlike Community Work or How we can work with the disadvantaged like Christ did.

2.The Trinity As A Divine Model for Human Community or How we can embody heaven on earth in our own backyard.

3. The Trinity As A Method For Community Development or How we can flesh out the love of God in three dimensions.

4. The Trinity As A Matrix For Organisational Transformation or How we can turn our churches upside down and inside out.

Feel free to sample 5 minute previews of each session. The DVD is available from the author or www.lastfirst.net (The quality of the DVD is far superior to the You Tube)

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